Ya-Mark: beyond laser marking

Ya-Mark is the innovative, comprehensive, and digitized solution for marking, aiding in product traceability and quality control.

Easy to use and customizable, it allows for detailed markings on most surfaces and seamlessly integrates into plants and production lines, as well as capable of interfacing with existing quality control and traceability systems.


The ready-to-use ideal box for parts to be marked.


Designed to become the ideal marking component for automatic lines or mass-produced machines.

Our team is capable of creating a solution dedicated to machines produced by OEMs, sellable by the manufacturer as an optional feature of the machine.

Ideal for machinery manufacturers

If you are a manufacturer, Ya-Mark can be sold as an optional package, fully integrated, with configuration and appearance that meet your standards.

You won't notice the difference and you'll install a product of the highest quality.

Why choose Ya-Mark for marking

More Than Just a Marker

Ya-Mark goes beyond laser marking, offering a comprehensive and integrated marking solution, tailored to the customer.


Open to connection with automatic and management systems through OPC-UA, Modbus TCP protocols, and connectable to major databases.


Ya-Mark can be used as a stand-alone marker or integrated as a component of mass-produced machines or automatic lines.

Excellent Support

Thanks to the experience gained in the world of industrial automation, we offer the support of a team capable of evaluating the best solution to integrate our laser marker into the customer's production system.


Ya-Mark is truly easy to use.